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[03 Mar 2013|09:36pm]
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[11 Jan 2013|02:18am]
oh yeah...
i always forget to jus chill the funk out!

everything is going to be fun except when it's lonely but lonely is as lonely does: i always have my friends. and frankly, lonely is mainly a delicate grey feeling in my mind and far from my least favorite experience in the world. i mean, realistically, i opt for emotional separation from all other beings more minutes than not out of each day anyway, so... everything is basically the same except im spendin spring break in brooklyn and i have someone to sext/naked email = chaa-a-aa-aaww

plus my chef roommate made gumbo, and i am at a place in my life where i can eat gumbo in the bathtub and feel nothing but overwhelming pride and joy in my decisions

today, whilst breathing furiously through my nose at the horrible high school kids banging on the windows with their knuckles, i remembered to roll my three hoods into a pillow and stick them in the crook of my neck. closed my eyes and saw myself zooming through the route my bus was about to take around lake merritt, inside a fast-forward donnie darko-style portal - those cylindrical bubbly ones. the whole vision was moving too spastically, 100 miles an hour in backward motion and skipping like a record, so i calmed it down to the rhythm of the bus's whining rumbles. saw myself moving free and clear, without the iridescent water barrier bewteen my body and the outside world. i was leaving a bubble trail which lingered behind me, marking my path. proceeded to do whirling dervish infinities all throughout the lakeside area.,. zigzagging between the fairyland sign and looping back around over under and through the tunnel that my bus hadn't quite reached yet. suddenly, i realized the portal trail would burst and spray gold glitter over everything. tons of it, buckets of glitter dumping out of every inch of air i covered with my bubble-tail.

then the kid behind me started making horrible elongated kissy noises that sounded like a helium fart, and my mental energies bailed on the closed-eye visions, committing themselves wholeheartedly to hating every one of his particles. i know it's unhelpful and psychically unhealthy to derive so much pleasure out of hating other humans but maaaaannnnnn

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[08 Jan 2013|03:24am]


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[02 Aug 2011|01:09pm]
oh i made myself a blogspot i forgot

PuMpKiN pIe HaIrCuTtEd FrEaK

i'll keep this one though because it's good for boring whiny posts
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[31 Oct 2009|09:22pm]
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[26 Nov 2005|02:31am]

write a comment & i'll add you if i know you!
lockdowwnnn d00dz

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